The next stroke of innovation: Together with the Green Tech Cluster, the Know-Center has developed the Data Service Card, a new tool for data-driven services. It is used as an inspiration in the development process and helps companies to develop new services quickly and easily.

Data are known to be the most valuable raw material of the 21st century. But how can they be used quickly and easily for a specific company? To answer this question, the Green Tech Cluster and the Know-Center have developed exactly the right innovation tool.

The new so-called Data Service Cards are used as inspiration in the development process and use best-practice examples to highlight hidden potential and business opportunities. Invenium Data Insights, for example, uses anonymized mobile data to analyze visitor flows at major events on behalf of organizers.

Based on this real-time information, environmentally and safety-relevant decisions can be made quickly. In turn, Saubermacher collects the route data of its waste disposal fleet and optimizes route planning through data analysis in order to save time, costs and CO2 emissions. International agencies have also recognised the value of the data and are making it available to the public free of charge, as is the case with the European Space Agency (ESA), which provides raw radar data from its satellites.

With the power of data to new services

For many companies it is a challenge to identify the right data sources, analyze them and derive suitable services from them. The Data Service Cards support precisely this. The combination of data sources, analysis methods and customer benefits creates new data-driven services. For even more benefit and “Data power”, the Data Service Cards can be combined with the Know-Center’s Data Product Canvas. How best to use the cards and the canvas will be explained at the corresponding workshop on Thursday, February 6, 2020. The Data Service Cards are now also part of the revised Plug & Play Innovation Box. The box and the cards can be purchased from Green Tech Cluster.

Know-Center provides business value-add with data analysis

The Know-Center is one of the leading research centers for Big Data in Europe. Since 2001, renowned companies have been supported in using data as a success factor. The COMET-funded competence center is also a training center where qualified graduates of relevant courses of study have the opportunity to write their doctoral thesis in addition to working on exciting projects from the business world. The proportion of women in the Know-Center is above average, around half of the department and research managers are female. The managing director is Stefanie Lindstaedt.