Raffael Strassnig, an expert in Data Science, has been invited by Know-Center to give a talk on "Data Science in Banking".

Speaker:             Raffael Strassnig, VP Data Science at Barclays London (UK)

Title:                     “Data Science in Banking

Date:                    Thursday, April 21, 2016, 11:00-12:00 am

Location:           Inffeldgasse 13, ground floor at lecture hall i8

About the speaker:
Raffael Strassnig has a background in Artificial Intelligence and Theoretical Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology. Before joining Barclays, he worked on big data challenges with Amazon’s Dynamic Advertising group. For the Big Data Group of Microsoft in London, Raffael was  working on a realtime analytics engine servicing millions of events per second for the online anomaly detection in time series data.

“Investment into FinTech is at unprecedented levels and banks are gearing up in order to defend their industry from relentless disruption through startups. In the Analytics Center of Excellence at Barclays we are working on advanced analytics and predictive systems that will power the future of consumer banking. In this talk we will explore the technologies, algorithms and data structures that enabled us to build 3LM. A system that determines the location of card transactions at impressive scale. Furthermore, we will see how this led to a plethora of interesting features for end users as well as applications in advanced analytics.”

We look forward to welcoming you!