Wolfgang Kienreich, Head of Business Development at Know-Center, talks with Ursula Plaickner, Didactic Head of Education at Institute 2F, about new training and certification for a Social Media Manager at Institute 2F.

In a talk with Ursula Plaickner, didactic headmaster of education at the institute 2F, Wolfgang Kienreich stresses the importance of the further development of Social Media as well as the application of highly qualified social media experts in companies. The institute 2F is a company partner of Know-Center and since 2001 both implement together new learning systems for trainings are researched and implemented by the institute 2F. The Social Online Marketing Manager at the institute 2F is certified by Know-Center. 

The podcast is available on http://institut2f.at/i2f-interview-wolfgang-kienreich-know-center-social-media/