Nowadays, learning at the workplace is part of the job for many people. Learning by doing, sharing knowledge among each other and reflecting upon one’s experiences are becoming increasingly important in order to stay up to date with today’s fast-paced work environment and the digital transformation. Know-Center has now presented its expertise in the area of workplace learning at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science.

As an expert on the topic of Workplace Learning, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler has been invited by Prof. Dr. Monica Divitini from the Department of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) to give a talk on Designing for Workplace Learning, and other Knowledge-Intensive Activities. At NTNU, she has especially discussed the use of reflective technologies for teacher education and in vocational training settings (where there is a link between formal education and working).

Essentially, the work presented originates from the research area “Data-Driven Business” at Know-Center which is headed by Viktoria Pammer-Schindler herself. This internationally connected research group has been working on workplace learning for several years already.  It aims to understand how people learn and work, as basis for designing technology that improves learning and working in some aspect. A key research stream in the past and present has been designing for reflective learning from experience, as “the intelligent way to learn from experience” (when compared to trial and error).

In particular, the research group at Know-Center has been focused on using data as basis for  reflective learning. A further pillar of its research is to design for virtualising professional trainings in global companies, which are traditionally held face-2-face. Both these streams have been accepted as part of the Know-Center’s future research program for 2019-2022.

All in all, the research visit to NTNU was a great success and resulted in fruitful discussions and potential for future collaborations. Know-Center’s work on designing for reflection and virtualising face-2-face trainings for professionals has been met with a lot of interest in the international research community.

Have a look at the presentation on slideshare: