Two modules and many interesting topics around Artificial Intelligence. On December 12th and 13th the Know-Center in cooperation with Life Long Learning of the TU Graz will offer the course – AI Essentials.

Autonomous driving, smart assistants in medicine, predictive maintenance in factories – Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is hard to ignore these days. Not only does it make our daily lives easier, it also helps companies to achieve real added value for their businesses. The AI Essentials course, which the Know-Center offers in cooperation with the Life Long Learning training provider from Graz University of Technology, is also about the latter.

Away from the hype about Artificial Intelligence, the course provides a structured introduction to the topic of AI and the associated competencies, both on a theoretical and on a practical level. Based on the history of AI, current state of the art, cases of application and the benefits that Artificial Intelligence can provide in this context, will also be presented and discussed. In addition, practical examples will be presented to show what AI can currently do well or (even) not so well.

The two-day course thus offers a systematic and interesting introduction to the topic and is based on practical experience in the generation and evaluation of AI use cases as well as their prototyping and implementation in an industrial context.

All information about the course AI Essentials.