Additional millions for science. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency has approved the COMET module Data Driven Artificial Intelligence (DDAI) for the Know-Center. This will enable the Know-Center to further expand its research in the field of AI.

The most recent decision of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is currently causing a lot of rejoice in Styria. Six modules were approved for the first award of the so-called COMET-modules, five of them from Styria. According to the FFG, the programme is characterised by “a high level of research competence and scientific integration combined with a high degree of implementation in the corporate sector. Four million euros are available for each of the four-year research projects.”

“This will enable us to take another new direction in terms of content,” explained Stefanie Lindstaedt, CEO of the Know-Center. Up to ten additional people will be employed by the module. In terms of content, the DDAI (Data Driven Artificial Intelligence) revolves around harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence – for example in interaction with encrypted, sensitive data sets. The goal is to make AI “trustworthy and reliable” says Lindstaedt. Research is therefore being carried out on a “theoretical basis for secure AI algorithms that can be explained and verified”. As one of the leading research centers for Big Data, Data-driven Business and AI, the Know-Center generates real entrepreneurial added value in cooperation with many companies.