Linked Open Data (LOD) represent a highly valuable resource on the Semantic Web – and at the same time they are barely accessible for all those that are not familiar with the complex SPARQL query language. So the question is: how is it possible to receive the required information from a huge amount of data?

The Know-Center (Graz) developed two useful tools in the framework of the EU project CODE – the CODE Query Wizard and the CODE Visual Analytics Wizard. They enable a new way of querying, analysing and visualizing of LOD without any programming skills or deep semantic insight into the respective areas – the experienced use of goggle search and excel basis knowledge is sufficient.

But that’s not all: the CODE Query Wizard accumulates existing data sources with information from the LOD Cloud and therefore allows a completely new perspective.

In the area of data analysis the CODE Visual Analytics Wizard can automatically generate expressive visualizations. Additionally, the tool allows to directly intervene in the visualization and to go through various scenarios on the visual level.


Demo: CODE Query Wizard

Demo: CODE Visual Analytics Wizard