The EU project CODE led by Know-Center has been successfully evaluated by a committee of renowned experts on May 27, 2014 in Luxembourg. The project was especially praised for its excellent technical results and the committee sees a large potential in the presented tools.

In the frame of the review meeting the Know-Center team represented by Dr. Vedran Sabol as administrative project leader, Dr. Roman Kern and DI (FH) Patrick Höfler presented the work packages „Semantic Enrichment & Integration“ and „Web-based Visual Analytics Interfaces“. The CODE PDF Extractor, CODE Annotator Tool, CODE Query Wizard as well as the CODE Visualization Wizard were demonstrated. They represent easy to use tools in order to query and visually analyzing scientific information that are stored in semantic knowledge bases. The Know-Center team received valuable feedback regarding the use and exploitation of „data marketplaces“ which represent a significant aspect of the project.

The EU project CODE („Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research“) was finalized on April 30, 2014.