We help companies of various sizes and from various industrial sectors to use artificial intelligence for generating value and new business ideas via data. Our customers benefit from economic growth and from achieving the environmental and climate targets. Our services range from consulting on data-driven business strategies to technical and economic data analysis and the implementation of training measures in companies.

Thanks to our international network of partners and our proximity to research, we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to new technologies. As a COMET competence center, we conduct application-oriented research projects, which are funded by the COMET Programme and our industry partners.

Success Stories

Success stories of our customers

Energie Steiermark Digitized Customer Service
  • Energie Steiermark’s digitized customer service increases efficiency and customer satisfaction and reduces customer churn.
  • NLP-based methods focusing on the German language raise customer experience to the next level.
  • Procedure for automated evaluation of expected property right costs.
  • UnyCom managed to significantly increase forecast accuracy while reducing the maintenance effort for manual valuation rules.
REVAL – Identifying and Prioritizing AI Use Cases
  • The data value check provides solid recommendations for the implementation of data-driven projects in companies.
  • Reval was able to identify optimal AI application scenarios based on facts and minimize risks in the subsequent implementation.
  • Saubermacher AG relies on a customized, scalable software solution for optimized route planning of waste transportation.
  • Up to 20 percent less CO2 emissions each year per collected ton of waste.
Linde Smart Rank
  • Linde Publishing’s user-friendly search that applies SmartRank technology helps one find relevant topics quickly and efficiently.
  • Lawyers benefit from reduced research costs and higher assurance of considering all essential information.
Voestalpine Stahl Anode Replacement
  • During the production process of galvanized steel sheets, the anode condition has a high impact on quality and costs.
  • Together with Voestalpine Stahl GmbH a predictive hybrid maintenance model was developed which reduces energy costs significantly.
Theater Holding
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence, Theaterholding Graz reaches culture lovers via perfectly personalized recommendations..
  • The use of artificial intelligence provides deep insights into the customer needs.