Asura Enkhbayar, Junior Researcher in the Social Computing Team at Know-Center, was invited to participate in the 6th Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance via their Early Career Programme. The Plenary Meeting will take place from September 23 – 25 in Paris, France and feature a special focus on research data for climate change.

Twice a year, the Research Data Alliance (RDA) holds multi-day plenary meetings in various locations worldwide to provide the RDA community with an opportunity to network and collaborate with peers in various disciplines, and hear from industry experts and world leaders on topics related to research data sharing and exchange. It is the place where data experts, scientists, researchers and other professionals as well as students and early career professionals in industries related to the fields of research data sharing and exchange meet and share their ideas.

The associated RDA Early Career Programme is offering travel and subsistence support to Early Career European Researchers & Scientists working with Data to attend the Plenary meeting. In its 4th edition, the aim of this programme is to introduce European Early Career researchers & scientists to RDA, highlight what data scientists / practitioners are doing, leverage on Early Career Researchers & Scientists knowledge to support Plenary 6 activities and support the Working Group and Interest Group activities.

Asura Enkhbayar from Know-Center’s Social Computing Team has now successfully applied to the RDA Early Career Programm –  thus becoming the second Know-Center employee in a row to win this prestigious bursary, after Peter Kraker was invited to the 5th Plenary Meeting in San Francisco in March 2015.

As one of 11 programme winners he will attend the 6th Plenary Meeting on September 23 – 25, 2015 in Paris, France via the support from the RDA Early Career Programme. Sincere congratulations for this success!