The Kow Center is working with has-to-be GmbH, Europe’s leading total solution provider for e-mobility, to make the best possible use of data from the operation of e-charging stations. The large amount of data generated during the installation, operation (more than 3,500 charging processes per day) and maintenance of charging stations was examined using state-of-the-art data analysis and visualization methods and processed to solve defined problems.

The goal was to create a preview of future consumption based on historical consumption data. This enables operators of charging stations to provide energy in a cost-optimized manner.

The data was analyzed in the sense of “predictive maintenance” in order to better identify errors and optimize the availability of the charging stations. For the future expansion of the infra¬structure, relevant influencing factors for the location quality of charging stations were determined and validated.

If relevant data sources such as satellite data for changes in the microclimate or production lines are integrated, a very broad field of application results: preventive maintenance for production machines, interactive dashboard visualizations of production processes, plant crops or market developments, sales forecasts, etc.