Recommendation systems are an essential asset to increase sales and customer interactions and to prevent churn. However, they require in-depth know-how in the design and connection to existing store systems, as well as good data quality.
The more “personal” recommendations are, the better they are received. However, little is known about potential customers in the beginning. Data is also the company’s capital and therefore needs all the more protection. If possible, it should not leave the company or at least be stored with a trustworthy provider.


We support the development of the necessary expertise with constant knowledge transfer into the company. In doing so, we offer advice on the cost-effective and maximally effective use of recommendation systems and their success monitoring.
The necessary data must be prepared and cleaned. Together we keep the data sovereignty in the company. Our state of the art methods for optimizing the recommendation system allow us to overcome complex and individual problems.
As a cost-effective alternative, we also provide the recommendation tool “Uptrendz”. We operate and maintain this framework, so the tool can be easily extended and personalized.


Recommendation systems help to increase sales, customer interactions and customer satisfaction. Personalized recommendations become a reality even for customers who have not yet signed up. Targeted referrals to specific products and services tailored to needs and interests increase new customer acquisition and retention.
Data mining improves marketing effectiveness. Advertising can be targeted and relevant, forming a new basis for deeper customer understanding.