Ensuring competitive advantages through efficient search options for text and signal data

You are planning to implement your first own search engine or switch to another? You want to save costs by switching to an open-source solution?

An efficient search capability for text and signal data represents a decisive competitive advantage for data-driven companies. The requirements are very different depending on what data is being searched.

Changes at Elasticsearch

Elastic is switching its licensing model from Apache 2.0 to a dual licensing model with version 7.11 of Elasticsearch and Kibana, where users can choose whether the Server Side Public License (SSPL) or the Elastic licence should apply. This licence change may mean that you can no longer use Elasticsearch or Kibana under the same terms as before.

Full-text searches enable information to be found from several documents. A generic approach that can handle different formats is not always necessary. The better one knows the underlying data, the better a search application can be developed that is tailored to and best supports the company’s internal process. Analogously, a search application for signal data can use different algorithms to recognise patterns, for example.

Our Search Solutions

We have over 20 years of experience in developing and customising search technologies. Our solutions include:

  • A full-text search that delivers the right results even in the case of typing errors.
  • The user receives suitable search results, even if synonyms are used.
  • The results are prepared in such a way that persons, companies and geographical data can be recognised and searched.
  • A search that can find documents based on similarities.
  • Visualisations that reveal trends or a geographical affiliation.

Our Stack

We rely on software that is well developed, freely available and open-source, such as Apache Solr and Influx DB. According to our experience, an alternative we like to use is Elasticsearch with the extensions Logstash, Kibana and Beats.

We support you with the changeover

If you are considering switching to Apache Solr or InfluxDB for time series data, we will be happy to help you!

Together with you, we develop a solution that converts your existing system to Apache Solr or Influx DB. For this purpose, we offer developments that enable your specific use case.