Presentation of the Erasmus+ project COGSTEPS

How to fill the gap between the academic and startup world?

Startup education and support for PhD students,
researchers and scientists

Date: 16. November 2021

Time: 16:00-18:00

Location: Lendhafen (Lendkai 17, 8010 Graz)


Many researchers and scientists work their whole life in a specific field and they are “top-notch” experts, with years of experience. Most PhD students invest many years in research, development and testing while they are preparing their doctoral dissertation, but this knowledge and experience are rarely applied in the industry. Too few PhD holders in the EU go on to work outside academia and too few startups and spin-off companies are founded by PhD holders. As a result, there’s a lack of successful startups and spin-off companies that are coming from the universities in Europe.

The goal of COGSTEPS is to create educational materials, support programme, and a web platform to support researchers and scientists in transforming their research results and innovations into deep-tech startups and do so in an international environment. During the event, organized by Know-Center and TU Graz (ISDS), we want to introduce the project and its activities to the stakeholders in the Graz startup ecosystem and identify potential synergies.



Event Programm

16:10-16:20About the COGSTEPS project
16:20-16:30Current progress and planned activities
16:30-16:45Announcing the COGSTEPS web platform
16:45-17:00Startup 101 bootcamp in Zagreb
17:00-17:15Recommender systems & matchmaking use-cases
From 17:15Networking with food & drinks

If participating on site, proof of 2G are required and FFP2 masks are compulsory. The number of participants is limited, and you will receive a confirmation of participation after the registration deadline.




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