Know-Center is proud to announce the first AI Congress in Graz, where leading international experts will present their work and visions for the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Topics from privacy-preserving algorithms and new database-inspired big data analytics to AI, visualizations and information theory will be covered. Speakers from diverse professional backgrounds and organisations have confirmed their presence.

Ian Fischer, Machine Learning researcher at Google Research, San Francisco, will give an overview of a number of information theoretic objective functions and simple techniques for getting correct bounds on information theoretic quantities.

Maria Girone, CTO at CERN OpenLab, Switzerland, where cutting-edge ICT solutions for the research community are developed. Girone is an expert in global grid computing. She will share her insights about the challenges and AI solutions at CERN, where enormous amounts of data are generated in the particle accelerator experiments every second.

Volker Markl is a Full Professor and Chair of the Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) Group at the Technische Universität Berlin. He will be sharing his work about finding suitable remedies to some of the heterogeneity challenges that hamper developer productivity and limit the use of data science technologies to just the privileged few, the coveted experts.

Michael Sedlmair is leading a research group for visualization and virtual/augmented reality at the VISUS research center at the University of Stuttgart. His research focus is data visualization, human-computer interaction, virtual and augmented reality, and machine learning and he will be sharing key insights into the same.

Dimitar Jetchev is a world-renowned cryptographer, CTO and Co-Founder of the security company INPHER with headquarters in New York City, San Francisco and Lausanne. His work focuses on secret computing, multiparty computation and fully homomorphic encryption to tackle modern big data privacy and security challenges. He will present and discuss recent novel techniques for scalable privacy-preserving computing with high numerical precision.

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Alte Universität Graz

14 Hofgasse

8010 Graz