From June 19-21, 2018 the AFEL consortium meeting took place at the Know-Center in Graz, Austria. As part of this meeting, the AFEL Advisory Board Meeting also took place on June 21, 2018 with Graham Attwell (Director of Pontydysgu), Peter Brusilovsky (Prof. at University of Pittsburg), Claudia Hauff (Ass.-Prof. at TU Delft), and Denis Parra Santander (Ass.-Prof. at PUC Chile) attending as board members.

During this meeting, the AFEL consortium presented the advisory board an overview of the current AFEL project status including the developed tools and methods, the status of the evaluation as well as the further plans for the AFEL project project. We thank our visitors for their thoughtful comments, we had some fruitful discussions and got meaningful advices, which we will take up for further improving and enhancing our project. Beside our intensive discussions regarding the project during the day, a social event was also organized. On the first evening, the participants made a short hiking tour through a nice canyon north of Graz. Afterwards a  visit to a “Buschenschank” for a typical Styrian dinner concluded the day.

Many thanks to the AFEL Consortium and the AFEL Advisory Council for this productive meeting!