Peter Kraker is a postdoctoral researcher at Know-Center and a 2013/14 Panton Fellow. In conclusion of his one year as a Panton Fellow, Peter reports about his work within the open community and the Open Knowledge Network.

The highly desired Panton Fellowships are awarded to scientists who actively promote Open Data and Open Science. Peter’s proposal concerning open and transparent metrics for science, and a community-driven approach to establish open practices in Austria and beyond was selected as one of just three in a highly competitive process last year. What is more, Peter was the first non UK-based panton fellow. 

In his time as a Panton Fellow Peter released the open source visualization Head Start and he has been actively promoting open science, open access, altmetrics and reproducibility in Austria and beyond. Peter’s ultimate goal is to have an environment where everybody can create their own maps based on open knowledge and share them with the world. “The Panton Fellowship was an honour for me and a highly enriching experience, ” says Peter.

Read Peter’s insightful wrap-up about the Panton Fellowship here.


Open Science_Peter Kraker

©  Photo by FWF/APA-Fotoservice/Thomas Preiss (On stage at the Open Science Panel Vienna)