The paper „A Visual Approach to Project and Portfolio Monitoring“ was accepted at „Information Visualisation 2013 (IVS)“.
The paper was written by the Know-Center- Knowledge Visualization Team BSc Manuela Rauch, Wolfgang Kienreich und Dr. Vedran Sabol in cooperation with the business partner Planforge (formerly Onepoint, Gerald Aquila, CEO) in the framework of the COMET project „Visuelle Analyse von Projektportfolios“.

The paper deals with visualizations of project portfolios. The research team created in this context a project symbol and represented it in two different views. The first view is a resemblance visualization – which means the more features a project has in common with another one the closer the two of them are. The second visualization is a matrix visualization, which represents the projects in relation to the features on the x- and y- axis. The visualizations allow the user to trace the status of every project as well as identify groups from projects, which have certain features in common.

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