In an interview with Tara Chklovski, CEO of the nonprofit organization Iridescent, Dr. Elisabeth Lex from Know-Center shares her thoughts on artificial intelligence.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Lex, head of Social Computing, has been interviewed by Tara Chklovski, founder and CEO of Iridescent as part of Iridescent’s #AIinyourCommunity series. Iridescent has recently launched the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge, which invites families to learn about AI and how to use AI to solve problems in their communities.

People should become part of the design process, advises Elisabeth Lex. “Think about something that you have had trouble with in your daily life and connect with others to refine the idea”, she says. “A good product is one where the users are involved in designing the product. Roll out your prototype to your target community, let them work with it for a certain amount of time and get their feedback.”

For children to learn more about AI, Elisabeth Lex recommends: “It’s not needed to buy a robot, you need to teach your kids to be creative and curious and to ask the right questions”. At the same time, people should learn about how AI works in real examples and what implications their actions have on AI based systems.

The interview has been published on the blog of Iridescent as part of the initiative’s #AIinyourCommunity series.

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