At the 6th edition of the CS Talks, organized by Graz University of Technology and the Know-Center, Deep Learning expert Charlotte Han will speak on 28th November about changes in our working and living habits due to the rise of AI and Robotics.

The rapid developments in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence bring with them an enormous potential to increase productivity in companies as well as economic growth. At the same time, it is no secret that these technologies will automate many workplaces in the near future.

According to Charlotte Han, this means that many people will have to get used to the practice of lifelong learning in order to constantly learn new skills and improve existing ones. In her lecture titled ‘The Rise of AI and Robotics – How Will It Change the Way We Work and Live’ will explore the extent to which jobs could, to a lesser extent, shape people’s identities in the future, what skills are likely to be important in this “new world” of automation, and why networking is becoming increasingly important.

As a data expert, Charlotte Han creates digital strategies for companies in the Silicon Valley. The researcher, who grew up in Asia, is particularly interested in the way in which new technologies could change human life in a positive way.

The Computer Science Talks were initiated by Graz University of Technology and the Know-Center 2018 in order to highlight the social relevance of computer science and especially the role of women in this exciting (research) field.

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