On 6th February 2020, the Green Tech Cluster and the Know-Center conducted a joint workshop for the development of new digital services in the Science Tower in Graz. In this setting, the Data Service Cards were systematically used for the first time in the context of the Data Product Canvas to analyse existing data services in groups on the one hand and to generate new ideas for such services on the other.


This 40-part card set in 4 categories was jointly developed by Data-Driven Business (Angelika Riedl, Gert Breitfuss and Michael Fruhwirth) and Big Data Lab teams (Robert Ginthör, Oliver Pimas and Christof Wolf-Brenner)  and graphically beautified and realized with financial support from the Green Tech Cluster.

With this deck, we aim to facilitate thinking in and about digital services by providing a low-threshold entry point. This will make it easier and faster for domain experts to participate in cooperative design workshops for data services.

In the workshop, participants were encouraged to not only analyse their own businesses, but also to think cross-industry e.g. somebody working in the news media was able to help conceptualize a data service for a car manufacturer.

We are excited and looking forward to help increase the reach of these cards and make our customers benefit from this by helping them optimize their processes and create additional value.