Big Data Essentials

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Participation in Big Data Essentials provides you with an ideal framework for an initial structured examination of the topics Big Data, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and the corresponding tools and systems. Building on the theoretical foundations, the course will subsequently cover technical, economic and legal conditions and issues.

Together, central concepts on Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are developed and first ideas for own projects are generated. The course offers a systematic, creative and exciting approach to the topic and is based on practical experience in the prototyping and implementation of Big Data projects.

The course consists of 3 modules.


Big Data Basics: Definitions, Trends
Data, information, knowledge: data types, data origin, dark data
Data-driven business models, use cases, success stories
Legal aspects: Data Ownership, Data Protection, Copyright, Contract design, Trade secrets
Takeaway: Basic knowledge of the topic and current business model innovations. Participants are subsequently able to initiate data-driven innovation projects in their own company.


Basics of statistics: terms, definitions, basic concepts
Data acquisition: Batch vs. Stream, Micro-batching, CAP
Data pre-processing and integration: ETL, Messaging queues, Outliers, Missing values
Data analysis: Machine Learning: Supervised & Unsupervised, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Bias
Data visualization: possibilities and variants
Takeaway: Overview in the field of data science and knowledge of relevant methods. Participants are able to decide in individual cases which practices are relevant for use cases and suitable for solving the problem or fulfilling the requirement.


Basic technologies: Data Management Platform Lifecycle
Apache Hadoop Ecosystem: Hadoop & Ecosystem, HDFS, MapReduce, YARN
Apache Spark: Framework, Architecture, Libraries
NoSQL: Concepts, Column, Key-Value, Document, Graph
Tools and Suites: Open Source vs. Commercial, Enterprise Ready Tools, Cloud vs. On Premise
Takeaway: Knowledge of the current technology ecosystem. Ability to select suitable technologies and tools to solve the problem or to best meet the requirements.

Target groups

Experts, e.g. IT staff, team leaders, project managers, process owners, innovation managers
Management, e.g. chief officers, division and department heads

Available on request