AI Essentials

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Learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to use it in your organization. Away from the hype, this course provides you with a structured introduction to AI and surrounding concepts on a theoretical and practical level.

Based on the history and the current state-of-the-art, use cases and the benefits that AI can provide in this context, will be presented and discussed. In addition, practical examples will be presented and shown in terms of what AI can do well or not so well.

The 2-day course thus, offers a systematic and interesting introduction to the topic and is based on practical experience in the generation and evaluation of AI use cases as well as their prototyping and implementation in an industrial context.


The course consists of 2 modules.


Definition and delimitation of terms
History of Artificial Intelligence
Examples of use: Potentials and Red Flags
Ethical issues in the application of Artificial Intelligence
State-of-the-art AI methods e.g. classification, clustering, regression, etc.
Takeaway: Basic knowledge on the topic and on currently emerging innovations as well as an overview of relevant methods. Participants will be able to identify which approaches are relevant for use cases and suitable for solving problems or fulfilling requirements.


Presentation of exemplary positive and negative examples
Hands-on development of AI application scenarios

Target group

The course is aimed at:

Experts, e.g. IT staff, team leaders, project managers, process owners, innovation managers
Management, e.g. chief officers, division and department heads
Programming knowledge is not required.

Available on request