Stefanie Lindstaedt has been chosen as one of the ten most influential women in Technology 2020 by the renowned ‘Analytics Insight’ magazine in their November issue.

The magazine did a special feature on the ten most influential women in Technology. The article highlights the need for women in Technology and throws light on how these women leaders have laid their paths and surged ahead towards their goals with perseverance.

An interesting piece on Stefanie’s career background and the path chosen by her in order to achieve her professional dreams and success makes for an exciting read.

Her views on new leadership principles in these dynamic times, on how important developing talent is for her, the importance of balancing both personal and professional fronts, and her advice to young women leaders is entailed in this article.

Stefanie emphasizes the importance of educating young minds in the field of computer science in today’s world in order to help expand the Data-driven business landscape in Europe.

“True convergence of disciplines is the key to solving the pressing societal problems we face. Encouraging young minds to embrace methods and perspectives of different disciplines and helping them to apply data-driven approaches will unleash enormous creative powers.”   

The role of Know-Center and ISDS as Innovation hubs and Data Incubators and how Stefanie and her team of researchers have been at the forefront of research and deriving value from data, which in turn is trying to make not only Styria or Austria but also Europe lead the way in Data-driven business and AI is all detailed in this article.

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