Collaborative Learning and Working (not only in special times) – The term “Work 4.0” has long been used (referring to ‘Industry 4.0’) to describe the process of change in the world of work in the digital age. Today’s working methods are changing more and more to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the digital world. Companies and their employees are able to do more flexibly and independently of their location. Thanks to e-mails, chats and home-office, they can be reached quickly and networked with one another.

Due to the current situation, home-office is not only becoming the focus of attention for a few professional sectors and fields of activity, but is also expressly recommended throughout the country.

However, working together, yet distributed, poses elementary challenges to both the organization and its employees. Many of these are still not adequately solved, because successful cooperation is more than just the simple provision of, for example, intranets and network drives, and also requires completely new skills (and lifelong learning), which now of course also need to be trained and consolidated at home.

The topic of this lecture is therefore problems and current proposals for solutions from research and practice in the area of joint learning and working, such as

  • Company-wide knowledge cycle
  • Artifical / Assistive Intelligence to support current processes and decisions
  • Learning at work

with a special focus on distributed teams and organizations (for example in the home office).

After the event you will know;

  • Relevant problems in relation to distributed collaborative working and learning in companies
  • The Know-Center Knowledge Cycle for the company-wide use of information across the entire value chain
  • Possibilities for supporting current processes and decisions through Artificial/ Assistive Intelligence including their potentials and limitations
    • using the example of document-centered process support, for example, in the submission of offers (‘Request for Quotation’)
  • Latest research results in the field of learning at the workplace: Work integrated learning from experience

The online lecture will take place on 23 April 2020 at 15:00.

Lecture: Hermann Stern
Host: Wolfgang Kienreich
Language: German

Target group: C-Level, managers and experts who are interested in problems and current proposals for solutions for joint learning and working. The focus this time is on distributed teams and organizations (for example in the home office).