Offers, coupons, events, news … whoever runs a company has a lot to report, not only in personal conversations but also on many other channels: The communication systems of Jolioo allow companies, associations or even communities to contact their customers directly and quickly. The app is supplied with Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Know-Center and maintains a “smart relationship” with users.

In order to not have the important messages get lost in the general flood of information, the communication systems of Jolioo transport important content exactly where it belongs: From the sender to the receiver, i.e. from the company to the customers. The Jolioo system collects important information and measures success: How many regular customers have redeemed the discount voucher from the latest advertising campaign? How many new customers have already been acquired through the current banner advertising?

Jolioo loyalty programme for small and medium-sized enterprises

To get to know customers even better and to be able to respond to their needs, there is also the Jolioo Loyalty Programme, a special customer loyalty programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Smart support with AI from Know-Center

Know-Center, especially the “Social Computing” team supports Jolioo with AI to deliver personalized content such as voucher campaigns via different channels to the relevant users. This makes communication more personalized, more pleasant and more efficient. The centre draws on many years of project experience and makes a further contribution towards more automation in future companies.
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