The analysis of extensive time series data is one of the major challenges for Industry 4.0 and the smart production of the future. The software product ‘TimeFuse’ developed at Know-Center recognizes unusual patterns in time series data and thus prevents problems in production before they even occur. However, ‘TimeFuse’ is capable of doing even more.

Connecting dots – Creating value

Under this guiding principle, ‘TimeFuse’ is currently being used by a large Styrian automotive company in an extensive research project. The software is used to identify patterns in the behavior and use of tools. In particular, so-called unsupervised learning methods are used to identify and represent groups of similar tool usage. Thus, ‘TimeFuse’ will help to optimize the cooperation between man and machine in production in the future.

Data Driven Engineering

This research project is trend-setting for the so-called ‘data driven engineering’, in which data scientific findings are integrated with engineering methods in order to achieve optimization in operation as well as in the design and development of production systems. In this context, ‘TimeFuse’ links the long-standing expertise of quality managers, plant developers, service and maintenance engineers and many other key persons and combines it with the automation capabilities of state-of-the-art analytics software.

Added value through data

The use of data to increase added value in production no longer needs to be developed in complex applied research projects. The ‘TimeFuse’ product developed at Know-Center already enables the use of existing data to increase added value in production today and at the same time provides the perfect basis for the advanced data-driven production of tomorrow.

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