Know-Center’s Big Data expert, Christof Wolf-Brenner recently submitted an article for an international competition on ‘Data Science & Ethics’. His article titled ‘Rules and Rationality’ was selected from the many entries and printed in the book published on August 25, 2020.

The book ’97 Things About Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know’ contains articles by experts from both academia and business, for example in the fields of finance, industry or data science. It is intended to encourage readers to deal with ethical issues in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Behind the published articles are, for example, employees from companies such as Google, Amazon and Coca-Cola among others. Christof Wolf-Brenner is representing Know-Center!

The whole team is very happy about this success, which is a testament to thinking about the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence.

Christof: “Ethics in the context of AI is a rather new field with a considerable dynamic. There are very few well-established research topics and hardly any well argued practice cases or good practice methods. Therefore, I think it is our duty to contribute to a broader discussion about ethics and AI as a fundamental building block for the future of our society”.


The book is currently available under the new publications on Amazon (US) in the category Data Mining.

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