On 14.05, ‘AI-Pitching’ of WKO NÖ will take place and two of our experts will present in a 5-minute pitch the enormous potential that lies behind AI and especially how Know-Center has been able to support successful companies from different industries to generate added value from data.

The potential of large amounts of data and data-driven AI is coming more and more to the fore and many companies are dealing with the technological challenges and looking for concrete approaches to successfully use AI in their operations.

At the Pitching-Day, organised by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO NÖ), providers from AI sector will present themselves and their offers with the aim of supporting and implementing concrete projects in companies.

Know-Center makes the potential of AI clear

Know-Center experts Markus Streibl and Christof Wolf-Brenner have taken up the challenge of the 5-minute pitch and will show with which products and services Know-Center supports companies to fully exploit the true potential of AI.

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