The workshop series ‘AI for Good’ organized by the ‘Industry 4.0’ platform deals with the integration of a people-centered approach of AI services in Quality Management. Know-Center accompanies the series of events from a scientific view point and presents various AI-use cases.

Recently, the 2nd workshop of the series ‘AI for GOOD’ on ‘AI applications in quality assurance’, organized by the platform ‘Industry 4.0’, took place in a virtual environment. Know-Center experts Wolfgang Kienreich and Hermann Stern presented successful practical examples from Quality Assurance to 43 participants and gave insights into selected key topics around ‘Data Driven AI’.

In ‘AI for GOOD’, experts from Know-Center work together with other scientific partners to scientifically analyze examples from the Austrian Industry in the field of Quality Assurance and to identify success factors for the introduction of AI solutions.

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