#Hello Graz! On April 03, 2020, the Catalysts Coding Contest, Europe’s largest competition for software developers, will take place in Graz, as in many other European cities. The Know-Center is very happy to participate again together with ITCS and TUG as location host.


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The Catalysts Coding Contest – Europe’s largest competition for software developers goes into the next round! In a total of 33 host cities – including Graz, Vienna, Cairo and Amsterdam – once can also participate online, enthusiastic programmers will come together to solve a tricky task in teams in a maximum of four hours.

In addition to the “fun of the game”, the competition offers participants the exciting opportunity to measure themselves against other software developers and to establish contacts with interesting companies and potential employers.

Therefore: <b> Show strength – and be there! </b>

Further information and the online registration for the contest can be found here: https://register.codingcontest.org/

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