imh, an Austrian premium conference and seminar provider, is organising a conference on the 15th-16th September under the theme ‘Let’s take QM to the next level’. Various experts from Industry and Research are invited along with Know-Center, being represented by Hermann Stern – business area manager of Data-driven business.

The special keynote speaker for the event is: Erik Händeler, Future Researcher & Business journalist.

Topics that will be covered during the Conference are:

  • Principles of agility in Quality Management
  • Constructive error culture: The advantages of Lessons-Learned-Workshops
  • Assistive Intelligence: Next Level of Technology
  • Prospective Risk Management: Avoiding Risks in Advance
  • New EFQM Model 2020: Focus on Sustainability
  • All-in-one: Process improvement | Leadership | Mindset

Industry Partners will be discussing their best practice in the following areas:

A1 – Agility, Siemens – Error culture, Infineon – Smart Factory, Lufthansa – Real-time Data Management, STRABAG – Audit Management, KH Dornbirn – Prospective RM, LOGICDATA – Smart Digitalization

Dipl.- Ing. Hermann Stern will specifically speak on the topic ‘Assistive Intelligence in Quality management’ and cover the following areas: From experience one becomes wise and smart! and what Artificial Intelligence can really do (in Quality Management).

Additionally, he will also be a part of a Panel Discussion which will discuss the topic: A look into the future: New technologies and digitization and covering the following points:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Curiosity or fear – Which access makes more sense?
  • How can new technologies be used to support WM and QM?


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