We have been developing data-driven innovations together with industry partners for over 20 years.

Environment, Energy, Sustainability

Generating and distributing energy plays a critical role in modern infrastructure, particularly in terms of climate and environmental protection. Sustainable use of energy and other resources is essential for achieving our ambitious environmental goals. Data-driven methods offer exciting new opportunities in this field, from predictive maintenance of electrical infrastructure to data-driven optimization of agricultural processes and digital twin development for waste management.


Medicine, Pharmaceutics, and Health

The progress of digitization also extends to pharmaceutical product design: data-driven development revolutionizes new product implementation in terms of speed and quality. Processes based on data-driven artificial intelligence are key factors in this transformation. We offer support to medical technology and pharmaceutical companies along the way, from technology to a business model.


Production, Automation, Logistics

Recent manufacturing facilities have increasingly more sensors and automation units that generate large amounts of data. This creates new opportunities for optimizing the manufacturing process globally. Once accomplished, new business models will emerge and commercialize the acquired data while maintaining confidentiality. Our data-driven methods combine analysis and simulations via digital twins, and our encryption methods enable data exchange between companies. We optimize complex logistical processes while considering millions of marginal conditions.


Our network

As a research enterprise with more than 190 current industry and scientific partners, we contribute to a continuous development and scientific insight implementation in the area of data-driven business and AI.