Over 80% of companies are affected by IT disruptions and information security incidents, underscoring the need for digital literacy.


In today’s digital landscape, businesses face an increasing number of IT infrastructure disruptions and information security incidents that result in data loss, competitive disadvantage, and financial damage. Most of these incidents are caused by malware downloaded from the Internet or the negligent behavior of employees and management. In particular, small and medium-sized companies are hit the hardest by the financial damage. Considering the urgency to solve these problems, the project “Digital? Sicher!” project has developed an innovative learning app to promote responsible digital behavior and cybersecurity awareness among young people. Promoting responsible behavior and cybersecurity awareness at an early age mitigates associated risks and should protect companies and individuals from potential harm eventually.

The learning app Digital?Sicher!, which emerged from the project, was recently awarded the prestigious Learning Apps seal of approval. This seal, which rates educational resources based on various parameters, enables teachers, students, and guardians to identify high-quality and innovative learning tools. The app has already received recognition for its effectiveness and suitability for the classroom, making it an essential addition to schools’ digital curriculum. It is now available for download in all major app stores, giving students, teachers, and parents access to valuable content and interactive learning experiences. With its comprehensive approach to digital education, the app provides a unique opportunity to raise a generation that understands the importance of protecting data and maintaining information security.


For more information about the project “Digital?Sicher!” project and the app can be found here.