The AICI Forum Digital will take place from 30 – 31.10.2020, where everything will revolve around ‘AI for Clinical Imaging’, i.e. the application of Artificial Intelligence in medical imaging procedures. Know-Center expert Andreas Trügler will speak about ‘Secure and private machine learning’.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its way into all industries and is becoming more and more important. AI is also becoming a key technology in our healthcare industry. Diseases can be detected earlier; people can be better cared for and health expenditure can be reduced. However, several stakeholders from the healthcare system must play their part and make their contribution.

Know-Center protects sensitive health data

On 30.10. Know-Center expert Andreas Trügler will talk about exactly that: How can privacy preserving analytics be used to protect the privacy of such sensitive data? He will explain the latest approaches such as cryptographic methods (e.g. homomorphic encryption) or so-called Federated Learning, in which only model parameters but not the actual data are transferred. In addition, he will also introduce the topic of ‘Explainable AI’, thus finally moving machine learning models from the black box to the glass box.


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