Product Demo

Timefuse – search engine for signal data – detects deviations before they occur.

Surprising production interruptions, unpredictable quality fluctuations, unwanted downtimes, missing connections between individual causes. Many challenges in everyday production can be identified at an early stage by looking into the world of data. In modern, highly automated production plants, thousands of measuring and control elements provide valuable information every second. Those who manage to integrate and analyze this information and combine and use it with historical data in conjunction with various evaluation criteria as a basis for decision-making gain a decisive competitive advantage.

The tool

With Timefuse, quality managers, plant designers, service and maintenance technicians and many other key personnel can analyze very large amounts of data in no time at all. The analysis is interactive, visual and so intuitive that you don’t have to become a data scientist to benefit from the results.

The key capital – experience knowledge of the employees

Timefuse allows you to search for patterns in very large amounts of data. Sketch your suspicion, highlight similar data series and let Timefuse find all historical occurrences of similar behavior. View the results as a relevance-sorted list with preview, so you can identify and interpret temperature fluctuations before failure, or vibrations that lead to a decline in quality, in time.

Knowledge relevant for action!

Timefuse not only finds patterns in time series, but also links them to documents. What was the reaction at the last similar shutdown? Which maintenance measures are prescribed for this time? Has a similar problem ever been identified and reported before? Timefuse learns continuously, recognizes correlations and provides you with relevant information at the right time, in the right form. This enables you to make the right decisions according to the situation.