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What customers want

Theater Holding
A central question for companies is: "What do my customers really want and how can I best reach them?" Artificial intelligence offers completely new possibilities for analyzing customer behavior and targeting campaigns based on user behavior.

For Theaterholding Graz with its six venues, it is important to create individual offers for its approx. 500,000 customers each year. In close cooperation with Know-Center, a comprehensive data-driven marketing strategy was developed to accompany customers on their ‘customer journey’. Now an intelligent tool is available to analyze customer behavior and provide perfectly personalized recommendations.

Surprising insights

The analysis of previous purchasing behavior provided deep and, in some cases, surprising insights into customer behavior. Descriptive analyses of existing customers and their buying behavior were created based on the previously undetected treasure of existing data. The specific consumer behavior on sales platforms during event browsing and online ticket purchases as well as reactions to newsletters and mailing to known customers served as a basis. Clustering algorithms uncovered the underlying and mostly hidden structures of data.

Personalized marketing

Based on this data-driven customer clustering – i.e., based on real purchasing behavior and existing interests – customer groups can now be defined much better via artificial intelligence and addressed according to individual preferences. For example, like newsletter addressees about a certain offer or  special productions of theater holding venues. A new offer’s target group can be defined precisely based on similar or already completed productions, and the customer group that attended them.

In addition, a technological roadmap for the implementation of a comprehensive data-driven marketing strategy for the next two to three years was developed. The structured roadmap paints a clear picture of the possibilities of customer data analytics and personalized recommendations for personalized marketing in the cultural sector. In the future, culture lovers can look forward to receiving offers tailored to their individual interests.

The project was funded within the framework of COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies by BMK, BMDW, Land Steiermark. The COMET program is managed by the FFG.