Innovative ideas and the spirit of research are highly valued at Know-Center. The Center has guided and supported several spin-offs in their initial steps - all the way up to their successful leap into the 'start-up' ecosystem.


Founded in 2018, Know-Center’s spin-off ‘e-nnovation’ combines know-how and core competencies to develop and market digital solutions fot advanced data analysis as well as research and development results, especially in the field of Active Assisted Living. In cooperation with Know-Center, EMMA offers support in the organisation of care and nursing for the elderly.


Invenium Data Insights GmbH was founded in 2016 as Know-Center’s spin-off. For analysing mobile phone data for traffic planning and mobility forecasts, Invenium relies on research that Know-Center has carried out together with ISV, an Institute at University of Technology. In the meantime, Invenium has become a cooperation partner of A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Open Knowledge Map

Founded in 2016, Know-Center’s spin-off ‘Open Knowledge Maps’ makes innovations and technologies in the field of “Open Science” freely available to a broad community of researchers, practitioners and learners. The platform is used intensively by users for research, work and studies and is even awarded the Austrian prize for Free Knowledge in 2019.