The digital transformation is rapidly changing life as we know it. New technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI) systems, now support us in various situations. AI systems are used, for example, in language models, (driving) assistance systems, and in the general optimization and efficiency improvement of business processes.


The Path to Trustworthiness

As a leading European innovation and cutting-edge research center for trustworthy AI and Data Science, we are your ideal transformation partner, guiding you in the selection, implementation, and evaluation of your AI systems.

To ensure that AI systems can be used effectively, there must be sufficient trust in them within society. Numerous regulatory efforts and strategies currently emerging worldwide aim to ensure this trust in AI systems. Chief among them is the “AI Act” proposed by the European Commission. The AI Act is intended to be the world’s first comprehensive regulation of AI. It categorizes AI systems into risk categories ranging from “unacceptable” to “low” risk and prescribes different information and compliance requirements. Highly risky AI systems are subject to strict requirements related to quality, safety, risk management, documentation, and monitoring. Non-compliance with the regulations may result in fines that are enforceable at the national level.


Collaborate to your Advantage

Against this backdrop, businesses need a reliable partner to support them in the profitable use of AI systems. Together with the Know Center, you can develop a future-proof, trustworthy AI strategy, thereby gaining a long-term competitive advantage. We:

  • Provide a 360° view of the trustworthiness of your AI systems and accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your AI systems.
  • Conduct a comprehensive (risk) assessment of your AI systems.
  • Offer tools for risk analysis.
  • Support you with training and presentations to ensure AI compliance.

Our offering also includes a comprehensive technical and legal assessment of your AI systems, which includes an examination of data processing methods, data security, and data protection.

We acknowledge that the AI landscape is constantly evolving. Therefore, we continuously adapt our services and use agile work processes to our and your advantage. When AI technologies and regulations change, we remain at the forefront to ensure that your AI systems are up-to-date and trustworthy.


Your Benefits

  1. Competitive Advantage: By using trustworthy AI systems, you position your company as a leader in ethical and human-centered AI, creating a competitive advantage and strengthening your customers’ trust in your company.
  2. Risk Reduction: We help effectively utilize trustworthy AI systems and minimize potential legal and ethical risks. This helps prevent costly legal disputes in advance. AI compliance also helps avoid sanctions and fines that can be imposed for violations of the AI Act regulations, for example.
  3. Efficiency Improvement: Our recommendations for improving your AI systems contribute to increasing their efficiency and improving the quality of your services.
  4. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Trustworthy AI systems provide your customers with transparent and fair results. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.
  5. Brand Reputation: Implementing trustworthy AI systems demonstrates your commitment to responsible technology development. This enhances your brand’s reputation and attracts potential investors.

The EU AI Act could come into effect as early as 2024. It becomes applicable – and thus directly relevant to companies – two years after its enactment. This provides ample time to integrate trustworthy AI into your corporate strategy!