Sometimes nonverbal cues get “lost in translation” in virtual “audio only” team meetings, or with only partial video. Or, your team is co-located but everyone is very focussed on their work – there is simply no time to pay attention to the overall mood.

We believe that emotions affect our work, and how we work together. That’s why we have created a web-based collaborative MoodMap App as well as a single-user personal mobile MoodMap App.

In the case of mood tracking in a B2B call center for instance, call takers enter their mood in a collaborative mood tracking application. This simple and fast method of communication facilitated knowledge exchange and peer support in critical cases. In the case of one team we could observe a significantly higher customer satisfaction (a call center KPI) after the intervention (see Rivero-Pelayo et al., 2017). This research has also been highlighted in the Austrian press.

Express: State your mood in colours
Tag your mood: What happened in that instant? What are your (private) comments?
Visualise: Have a look at your own mood over time, and at the mood of the team around you.
React: It is up to you and to the team around you to react to mood changes. If things are going well: Enjoy! If things are not: Offer your colleagues support, or re-think the way you are communicating and working.

Capturing your mood during work, important meetings or interesting discussions helps you to become aware of your personal mood as well as the mood within your team. As a manager, use the collaborative MoodMap App to check the mood of your team in detail and take actions to improve your team’s mood. Use the mobile MoodMap to identify your personal mood over time as well as place.

Both Apps also give you direct feedback on sudden changes in your or a team’s mood.

Collaborative Moodmap App

Try it Within Your Own Team: If you are a team who wants to experience the Moodmap App, we would be enthusiastic! Please drop us an email:

The web-based collaborative MoodMap application was developed together with FZI
The web-based collaborative MoodMap application was developed within the MIRROR EU


Mobile Moodmap

Based on the collaborative MoodMap as described above, we created a single-user, personal mobile MoodMap. It was implemented with the Titanium platform for cross-platform mobile development.



If you use the collaborative or mobile MoodMap, have any questions, or feedback, we would be very glad to hear from you!
Please contact us at: for the collaborative MoodMap and at for the mobile MoodMap.


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