The 5th IoT + Data Science Congress took place on 14th Nov in Vienna. Know-Center was invited to present their approach on "Smart innovations from industrial practice in the sphere of IoT and Data Science"

Development in digitalization continues to progress rapidly and shapes our everyday lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) has finally become a reality after a long childhood phase and is now starting to heavily contribute to the way businesses create value for internal as well external stakeholders.

With a strong focus on tapping the potential of newly available data through IoT appliances, companies have the urgent need to identify ways to create value by increasing efficiency, productivity or finding new income streams through data analytics.

Conference Objective: On this established conference with a heavy focus on practical oriented content, companies with innovative solutions from industry are offered a stage to present their products and services to a diverse audience. A series of lectures, workshops, live demos and exhibitions provide for engaging, thought-provoking and creative insights.

Know-Center Contribution: Our Big Data Consultant Christof Wolf-Brenner, along with our valued customer Michael Hauszer as representative of KWB GmbH, presented the process and outcomes of our early-stage cooperation. “We at Know-Center, have developed a systematic approach to identify and evaluate data-driven use cases through our Data Value Check. By applying it, we are able to efficiently collect and rank ideas for analytics scenarios in cooperation with our customers, that provide real value instead of just being technology demos”, says Christof Wolf-Brenner.

DVC Process ENThe above picture presents the DVC Process developed by the Know-Center.

IoT IoT 2 Christof IoT

This conference was organised and hosted by Seidler consulting.