Dieser Artikel ist derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar. The article „Adaptive Ghosted Views for Augmented Reality“ has been accepted as full paper at ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality). ISMAR is the premier, top-tier conference for Augmented Reality (AR) research, and will take place from 1. – 4.10.2013 in Adelaide, Australia.

The topic of the paper, written by Eduardo Veas (Know-Center) deals with enhancing visualizations of simulated x-ray vision, so as to preserve depth ordering of objects. A visualization that reveals an object within another is highly artificial, as we are not used to seeing the internals through objects. It is a main interest topic in AR research due to its potential for many industrial applications (e.g., assembly of complex machinery, sensor data representations). The paper describes a mathematical method to preserve structure, relying on a visual perception model that accounts for shape, surface, illumination among other factors. The method is validated through a series of experiments that reveal significant effects on spatial organization acquired when using the technique.

Find more information under http://ismar.vgtc.org/