Resilient supply chains for regional value generation

15.07.2020 | Sprache: english

Research and technology trends in Big Data and AI

We are in the process of preparing our fourth COMET application and are looking for partners to jointly explore the potential of these key technologies:
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Target group:

Supply Chain Managers, Strategic Sourcing / Global Purchasing, C-Level Executives


Today’s large, multi-tier supplier networks are global, cost-driven, and quite intransparent to anyone, including the involved enterprises. Strategic supply chain management has not received the attention it warrants, even after catastrophes like Fukushima in 2011. The recent pandemic has put a harsh spotlight on the necessity to build supply chains that are resilient by design, collaborative in setup, and constantly monitored. Recent advances in data-driven artificial intelligence enable us to make very large supplier networks transparent, assess supply risks from weak signals, and match request and demand in a regional setting which increases resilience and fosters local value creation. Find out more in this edition of the Know-Center summer academy.

After the event you will know:

  • How tier and supply chains can be reconstructed from weak signals in public data

  • How supplier risk can be assessed based on online data

  • How recommender systems can match supply and demand


Wolfgang Kienreich

Wolfgang Kienreich

Director Business & Markets