Natural Language Processing, Digital Media Analytics & Conversational Agents

14.10.2020 | Sprache: english

Research and technology trends in Big Data and AI

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Target group:

Open to everybody who is interested in the session topics and wants to gain deeper insights


Humans use natural languages to communicate with each other and to encode their knowledge in written form. The process to analyze such text and make it suitable for machines is referred to as natural language processing. In this installment of the workshop series, we present the current state in the fascinating quest to make use of written text in applications that are designed to at least appear intelligent.

The focus in terms of its application will be the domain of digital media analytics, with examples being presented from running projects and success stories. To this end, we will present our work on the use of NLP for improving Recommender Systems, detecting biases and polarization in online discussions, automatic credibility and content quality assessment, and finally, for supporting reflective thinking in online video-sharing platforms using credibility markers.

As another important application of NLP techniques, we will discuss the hot topic of conversational agents, typically known to users as chatbots.

After the event you will know:

  • The current state-of-the-art of NLP (in research) for selected tasks

  • Why is NLP such an interesting problem?

  • Application of NLP techniques in recommender systems and digital media analytics

  • Polarization and confirmation bias in (Social) Media

  • Conversational agents & chatbots


Roman Kern

Roman Kern

Research Area Manager Knowledge Discovery

Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

Research Area Manager Data-Driven Business

Mark Kröll

Mark Kröll

Senior Researcher Knowledge Discovery

Simone Kopeinik

Simone Kopeinik

Senior Researcher Social Computing

Markus Reiter-Haas

Invited Speaker from TU Graz