Data Analytics and AI in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry

28.10.2020 | Sprache: english

Research and technology trends in Big Data and AI

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Target group:

People who are interested in the topic, researchers and practitioners


The Life Sciences industry is entering a phase of radical change. Technology-driven trends powered by data and AI are transforming healthcare delivery to increase value. In this sense, data acts as an enabler to connect science and technology in a meaningful way, empowering patients, and encouraging collaboration between participating parties. Organizations, driven by a patient-centric approach, aim to become data-driven. Implementing solutions based on data increases their capability to further enhance their value propositions through improving therapy outcomes, reducing time to market for new therapies, optimizing business operations (quality by design), driving clinical innovation, facilitating security and as well as regulatory compliance. During this webinar, the Know-Center team will introduce the latest data analytics and AI technologies and related use cases selected from meetings and interviews with Life Sciences researchers and practitioners.

After the event you will know:

  • Fundamentals of some of the more prominent data analytics and AI technologies

  • Opportunities and challenges of applying these data analytics technologies in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry


David Garcia

David Garcia