Scientific Highlight “Learning from Experience”

Data-Driven Business

Call Center performance improvement facilitated through In-App reflection guidance.

We are leading researchers in situating research on technology support for reflective learning in the workplace (e.g., Fessl, Wesiak et al., 2017KC; Pammer et al., 2017KC, Rivera-Pelayo et al., 2017KC), whereas most research stems from educational learning settings. Specifically, we have developed software functionality that proactively challenges workers to reflect and thereby making “experience” available explicitly to the organization. For instance, software analyses user activity and prompts the user to reflect by asking a reflective question (reflection guidance, see also Fessl, Blunk et al., 2017KC). A modular in-app reflection guidance framework can be plugged into learning systems or operative information systems (Fessl, Wesiak et al., 2017KC). In the case of mood tracking in a B2B call center for instance, call takers enter their mood in a collaborative mood tracking application. This simple and fast method of communication facilitated knowledge exchange and peer support in critical cases. In the case of one team we could observe a significantly higher customer satisfaction (a call center KPI) after the intervention. This research has also been highlighted in the Austrian press.