Interaction Lab

The Interaction lab develops novel interactive technology, with the focus on technology that adapts to the human capacity.

We study methods where technology complements the ability of human to perceive and interact with information.

Work at our lab spans the development of data acquisition methods, perceptual and cognitive models, as well as the tools to interact with data.

We build interfaces that adapt and appeal to the human so as to achieve more comprehensive digital experience

Interaction Lab


  • Autonomous Assistants
  • Immersive Interfaces
  • Mobile and Wearables
  • Cognitive and Perceptual Models of Interaction
  • Evaluation Methods
Interaction Lab


  • Immersive analytics
  • Wearable interfaces for data communication
  • Mobile development
  • Autonomous assistive interfaces
  • Exploratory search in knowledge repositories
  • Writing assistance
Eduardo Veas

Research Area Manager Knowledge Visualization