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Knowledge Visualization

The Interaction Lab is a playground to investigate the big-data experience, from massive acquisition of data, to collaborative analytics, as well as frontier topics of immersive computing using HMDs, holograms and tactile displays.

The interaction lab was established as a joint project to study methods where technology complements the ability of humans to perceive and interact with information. Its fundamental role is as a space to study novel data interactive methods. From the human interaction perspective, we aim to develop techniques that adapt and appeal to the human so as to achieve more comprehensive digital experience. First results are described as followed:

  • a novel nature metaphor, BioAR, that represents the status derived from an instrumented machine in the features of a 3D virtual tree.
  • a novel device and methodology to encode arbitrary messages in haptics patterns with it short text messages can be perceived by touch, freeing visual and audio channels for more complex information.