Your premium partner for digital innovation through AI & Data Science!

We support you in making your company a digital leader

We help you to use the potential of trustworthy AI & Data Science for your business. Secure unimagined competitive advantages through customized applications, e.g. for cost savings, networked production processes, new insights into customer and competitor behavior.

Our consulting team combines years of experience in the successful implementation of AI projects with access to some of the world’s best researchers in the field of trusted AI & Data Science.

Every company is unique. Therefore, an AI project always starts with a precise definition of the goals for your data-driven business that are to be achieved with the use of AI & Data Science.
AI & Data Science are not an end in themselves, but must always generate competitive advantages!

We then put together the best interdisciplinary team for your project, develop use cases with proven methods, bring order to your data and extract the essential insights from your data streams.

As a one-stop-shop for AI & Data Science, we develop and train your application and implement it while considering the principles of trustworthy AI, the specific business processes and the needed know-how for future users.

Our additional training offer, flexibly adapted to your needs, ensures that all users are made fit for AI. After all, AI is only as good as the people who work with it.

We support you in making your company a digital leader

Success Stories

Energie Steiermark Digitized Customer Service
Energie Steiermark Digitized Customer Service
  • Energie Steiermark’s digitized customer service increases efficiency and customer satisfaction and reduces customer churn.
  • NLP-based methods focusing on the German language raise customer experience to the next level.
REVAL – Identifying and Prioritizing AI Use Cases
REVAL – Identifying and Prioritizing AI Use Cases
  • The data value check provides solid recommendations for the implementation of data-driven projects in companies.
  • Reval was able to identify optimal AI application scenarios based on facts and minimize risks in the subsequent implementation.