We develop a digitization strategy in order to generate real added value for your company.
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AI Maturity Assessment

We determine your company’s level of AI maturity by AI Maturity Assessment. Challenges companies typically face on their way to AI maturity have been collected and incorporated within the model according to the expertise of more than 30 international companies. The assessment consists of an online survey and a workshop to identify your development potential in the field of AI based on the survey results and provide a first recommended course of action.

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AI Opportunity Mapping

During a strategic workshop, we explore opportunities and possible applications of AI within your company, which allows you to prepare accordingly and set first steps. During two half-days, both the organizational side and the product & service side will be analyzed.

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AI & Data-driven Business Strategie

We identify data-driven areas of opportunity in the existing market, business and organizational environment systematically and develop strategies aiming to add long-term value. In addition to external factors, we also consider internal business factors in order to obtain an overall view.

Robert Ginthör

Head of Business Unit Consulting, CTO